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Monday 13th of July 2020
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semi synthetic 2 stroke marine outboard
The only test procedure for 2 stroke engines that carries a recognised
specification are the NMMA TCW tests. NMMA oils have in the past
shown performance deficiencies in high performance “air cooled
engines”. However, Rock Oil overcame this “air cooled deficiency” and
produced MP 3 Sports, a NMMA TC-W3 approved oil, capable of the
lean fuel to oil ratios of modern high performance air and liquid
cooled two stroke engines. The benefits from MP 3 Sports include an
excellent cleanliness of combustion, providing very low rates of
emission, and versatility to cope with the wide range of fuels available
world wide leaded or unleaded. The result of tests, have shown MP 3
Sports to be particularly excellent in anti-plug fouling capabilities and
able to provide superlative anti-wear and anti-scuffing as well as high
resistance to piston seizure, ring sticking, port blocking, piston varnish
and combustion chamber deposits. To give an indication of the
lubrication potential of MP 3 Sports it should be noted that phase 1 of
the NMMA tests includes running at a fuel oil mixture of 150:1.
MP 3 Sports can be used in injection or premix systems, when using
as a premix it should be used at manufactures’ recommended ratios
and mixed thoroughly.
It is approved for all 2 stroke outboard motors and meets or exceeds
the following specifications:
Available Sizes: 210L Barrel/25L Drum/5L Poly/1L Bottle.