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Monday 13th of July 2020
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The DNA High performance air filter is a high quality next generation multilayer cotton gauze oil impregnated air filter.
The filter media is made of 4 layers of high quality nafta surgical cotton gauze specialy designed by our R&D department.
The cotton is sandwiched between two layers of epoxy coated Marine grade aluminum wire mesh, designed to last a lifetime.
The 4 layers of cotton and the two layers of wire mesh are pleated by state of art electronically controlled pleating machines to
assure a very high quality of the final filtration media.
The result of the special design and the Hi Tec manufacturing process is a filtration media that has very high flow rates,
low restriction, superior dust holding capability, smoothens out the air flow stream and lasts a lifetime.
The oil that we use to impregnate the cotton is a very special grade developed by our R&D department after intense
testing and produced by one of the world's best Oil Companies. This special oil is a very critical part of the filter and has
the capability to produce a static charge to the cotton media and attract the entire dust particles that flow towards the filter,
even the very fine ones